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    Mozilla-Firefox support number of tools that's why it is best.

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    mozila firefox is best browser.It combines speed and security.

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    Firefox's main menu focuses on simplicity. You immediately have access to open private windows, find add-ons and set up Adblock Plus.

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    Firefox is the best internet browser because it support more tools as compared to others.

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    Mozilla browser is most popular browser for add- ons and browsing speed know everyone.

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    The difference is web browser engine. Firefox web use Gecko, IE use Trident

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    Due to awesome add-ons mozilla firefox is best browser.

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    It's open source browser, has huge community developing and supporting it, there's a load of extensions which boost your experience on the Internet

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    I also have to admit mozilla firefox has very high security as well as good customization, but I think if mozilla improves a bit of speed it would be the best browser.

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