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    Default Why is Mozilla Firefox the best internet browser?

    1.It combines speed and security.
    2.Google Chrome may be faster, yet the user has to compromise with security while using it.
    3.Internet explorer may be safe, but it lacks speed.
    4.Plus there are many websites which can't be viewed properly in Google Chrome but in Mozilla or Internet Explorer.
    5. Many Anti virus toolbars and the toolbars of other software, like video downloading toolbar aren't available for Chrome, but work well in Mozilla.
    6. Mozilla has more add-ons and can be customized better.

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    yes you are right.. firefox has a lot of compatible add-ons you can use. I am more on firefox and I am always using this browser when I am doing SEO.

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    yes absolutely right.... mozilla is more convenient than any other browser.
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    Mozilla Firefox is best internet browser because it is user friendly and provide speedy services.

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    Chrome is faster ...and uses less resources....
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    Mozilla has more add-ons and its better then other browsers so that's why all users recommend Mozilla Firefox.

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    I think it depend on uses function. Mozilla is this best and better for browsing software. so many man use this software.

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    Mozilla is best browser for browsing and Chrome is also one of best browser because of extensions etc.

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