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    No, they aren't the best browser. I think it's Google Chrome, it eats RAM but it's faster than other browsers comparatively.

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    Mozilla Firefox is best brower because it provide flexible speed,secure authentication and Convenient extension and easy to use.

    Thank you~!

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    Chrome is best for now.

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    Yes you are right, mozilla firefox is good in many cases, But when you are working or you need speed you need to go for google chrome.

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    Firefox is more secured than Chrome but less than IE
    FF is much faster than IE but slower than Chrome
    However, I couldn't find some similar add-ons on any other browsers so i continue to use FF in some cases.

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    Actually when i am doing SEO i always prefer the Mozilla Firefox browser. Because it has add- ons so it is better than other browser.

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    Firefox is easy to handle & new user easily works there.

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    It's not the best, Chrome is. But it depends what you are looking for. A security concerned user will us Tor.
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    New firefox is actually beast!

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