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    Default Which laptop is best

    Which brand in laptops do you think is best for official work and that one having great battery backup?

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    I am using Asus... I have an acer before but it did not last..

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    I think Dell are the best. I am a Dell user and am not facing any problem using my laptop. So, I would recommend Dell.

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    I'm using Toshiba! And its good. I feel even Dell is good.

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    I think lenovo is best.I have been using lenevo laptop for last 2 years and haven't faced any problem yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by justeatshilpa View Post
    I'm using Toshiba! And its good.
    Same here. I have a Toshiba laptop and it works great.

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    I am using dell is best battery backup.i like this.

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    I think Toshiba! is best. its a world class brand.

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    I recommend you Dell Laptop. I use almost every brand of Laptop but found most famous brand is Dell. it is very reliable and fast.

    What about you friends?
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