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    best is anywhere between 3-4% of total words in the page.

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    Helpful post for me

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    Write the Content Naturally. because that Totally Depends What ONPage Seo Technique you are using. It never hamper you untill it is natural . But Yes Keep in mind the total no of words in the post and no of time the Focus keyword in that article.If it doesn't look spammy, Then its okay

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    In my opinion, the keyword density of the page should not exceed 2-3%!

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    You should use 2 or 3 keywords

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    It really depends on how long your article would be. If you are writing a 300-word article and using your keyword 4 to 5 times, obviously you are stuffing keyword.

    If you have Yoast plugin, you will find it easier. As they count the percentage of keyword usages.

    Normally, keep your keyword ration Under 1%. that way you can get more SEO benefit.


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    Maximum 4-5 keyword are best. It completely depend on the lenght of the post

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    I think maximum 3 words .

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    The best way is only one short and long tail keyword use in an article or site. repeated keyword means bad for google search robot...

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    Anyway, thank for your info

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