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    Default When and why do you see Google Places at the top of Google vs. regular SEO?

    Sometimes, Lord only knows. In general, you seem to see Google Places on search results when -a) The search phrase has a clear local character, such as 'pizza' or 'attorney' or 'NYC Roofing Company'b) There are sufficient local businesses in that category (more than one or two).c) Search volume - the search is high volume enough.At any rate, the trick is to do your searches, and do an INVENTORY. Do you see Google Places results in searches that matter to YOU? If so, then you have to play the Google Places game as well as the SEO game. Google Places prominence is a function of keywords in your title / business name, business description, lots of reviews with lots of keywords in them FROM reviewers in your keyword community and in your physical community. Also is your address in the SAME CITY as the searcher? If so, is it DOWNTOWN? It tends to reward businesses in the same city, and downtown, if a search is competitive.For some short tail searches, (e.g., 'Pizza' or 'Family Law attorney'), you may NEVER really get to the top via pure SEO. In those cases, you have to either win at Google Places or use a tight AdWords campaign for the short tails. That's why doing an inventory is so important - it tells you how competitive a search is, and how winnable it is, and by what tactic(s) (Google Places, Google AdWords, or just SEO).

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    Combine all those data points together, and it becomes very clear that there’s no longer a single “Local algorithm” at Google anymore—if, indeed, there ever was one. So in putting this year’s survey together, I re-examined how best to attack my original goal behind its creation: “to help small business owners confused by Local Search, or those strapped for time, to prioritize their marketing efforts.”
    The net result is a format that diverges considerably from previous years, but is one that I ho

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    I personally never look at google places recomendations.
    Its a different thing that luckily, my business ranks first on google places.

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    Agreed with Ricky, there probably just isn't one formula anymore. What you guys have mentioned so far seems to be the order of the day. There are some additional things to consider. Remember that Google is trying to become what Bing self-proclaims, "the decision engine". Google is trying to answer our questions by itself, without help from websites. That said, there may be different results for Android voice search, mobile text search and desktop search. I think those are some contexts for Google Places. The causes of course are probably as you mentioned Robert, keyword clues. Something else to consider, Google has been tracking first and previous queries to study consumer behavior and how folks refine their searches - search history. That's a call for marketers to be attentive to consumer behavior/research and the cycle+funnel of their audience. Hope this provides a new angle to the conversation.

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