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Thread: computer games

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    The call of duty and Temple run are one of the best computer games. I like to play it.

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    i love computer game but the best and favorite is online browser games that are good for quick fun.

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    Hitman Series
    Call Of Duty series
    Assassin Creed series
    Need For Speed - Most Wanted
    Far Cry Series
    Devil May Cry series

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    I myself accept only games like . Other types of computer games are just a waste of time. Well, if you have nothing to do at all, it's a nice idea to play but otherwise why not to spend time in a more useful manner?
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    far cry
    dead island
    gta V
    State of decay

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    Most famous games are :
    1) LOL(League of Legends)
    2) DOTA 2 ( Defence Of The Ancients)
    3) WOW (World of Warcraft)
    4) GTA 5
    5) Battlefield
    6) CS GO

    Though i never recommend option DOTA 2.
    Reason : You will get addicted to it and loose your social life

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    If you have good configurations in PC then try PUBG, If this game works on your computer then you don't need to install any other game. This game is so much addicted.
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