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    Default Facebook Hashtags ###

    Do you use #Hashtag on your Facebook page and how often?

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    Hashtag usually starts with '#' and keywords are written successively. When the user clicks on it or the search returns results that include status updates, postings, images, or shared linking to a particular topic.

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    Yes, because in facebook people are searching with "#" hashtag. So if you use hashtag with keyword on your post and if people will search that keyword then your post will be appear and you can get leads over there.

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    Use them to engage and market. Businesses can use hashtags to give their own posts better play and visibility. But hashtag words and phrases on Facebook should be chosen carefully and strategically. Hashtags can be useful to help build awareness, promote a product launch or event.

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    #Hashtag is used on Facebook post to make it popular and to get the attention from the users. When the users click on the hashtag it shows the entire updates, postings, images related to the hashtag.

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    Yes, hashtag can let you get more likes and attention by tagging the same hashtag. And you can create your own hashtag you want to mark the same type of your photo.

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    Thanks for your useful information

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