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    Default Security of a computer

    Hello friends,

    Can anyone tell me that how can one secure his computer data ???

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    you can use licence antivirus or for more info you can search on google there you will get idea about more security option.

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    You can use NextGen antivirus and privacy computer security.
    know more visit

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    Protection of information robbery such as banking account numbers, bank card information, security passwords, work related records or linens, etc. is essential in today’s emails since many of our day to day activities rely on the security of the information routes.

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    Keep your computer antivirus update.

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    To keep your computer secure. First you need turn on your firewall, Turn on Update. Download and install Antivirus (Free version is not bad). Do not use any Crack and keygent software. dont click unsafe link(feature of internet sercurity). Finally, if your data is very important, you should encrypt it

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    what is your opinion on the spybot program?? Its what i use …....along with microsoft security essentials prog

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    Do not use unlicensed software on your computer and use any antivirus to protect your computer data. And to protect your network security use endpoint security solution.

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