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    Tirana is the most amazing and soothe city i ever visited it is quite rich in local art and culture it is good place to visit for people who get board from overcrowding travel destinations.

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    Perhaps the only real sight in Tirana, this pretty mosque is right on the city's main square, making it hard to miss. Construction of the 'Xhamia e Haxhi Ethem Beut' mosque started in 1794 and was finished in 1821 by Et'hem Bey (who evidently got all the credit). Closed under communist rule

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    Tirana is one of the largest and capital cities of Albania. This city offers a wide range of awesome and attractive places to see. This region is well known all over the world for its heritage and natural sights. Its famous attractions are; Skandebeg Square, National Museum, Mosque of Et’hem Beu and Opera.

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    Tirana is the most popular city Albania. This is very beautiful and colourful Tirana is a heart beat of Albania.


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