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Thread: Computer Mouse

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    Wireless mouse prices will vary for different companies.

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    Can you tell about a good gaming mouse like the one available at Xmen, an online store in Switzerland.

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    I am using dell mouse, even had use logitech, it works good

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    The cost of wireless mouse depend of brand

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    The cost of wireless mouse varies depending on the brand. U can see variety of mouse with different price range in online shop.

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    , It depends on what you use for what purpose

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    There are no fix prices for prices for mouse, If you go to the shop then prices vary and if you shop online, you can many options there.

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    Which is the best Gaming Wireless mouse for Laptop ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by arun7 View Post
    What would be the cost of a Wireless mouse?
    depends on the brand of the mouse, some would cost you around 20 dollars or more

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