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    Paypal is good for payment gateway

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    These are the main and major types Of Platform for Payment Gateway Interfaces

    3.Google Wallet

    Thank you~!

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    It relies upon on which country you are living, if you are being a freelance worker then banking technique best and easy and banking technique not much expensive and have low tax ration too.

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    In India the following are the best Payment Gateway Services:

    1. CCAvenue
    2. Citrus Pay
    3. Pay TM

    And When It Comes to the Payment/Digital Wallets. The Following are the best:

    1. Airtel Money
    2. Citrus Pay
    3. HDFC(Housing Development Finance Company) PayZapp
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    This are the different payment gateway in India
    CC Avenue
    Google Wallet
    PayU India

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    Nowadays there are so many payment gateway like paypal,skrill,payza,payto and payoneer.Best on my experience paypal is the best among of them

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    I suggest you integrating stripe connect payment gateway.
    Stripe can be well defined as a source of transferring the payments online. It is a credit card processing system helping you to receive payments. Stripe allows you to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club cards, even Bitcoin by direct means on your store

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    amazon payment gateway is best

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    This article will assist to know which is the best payment gateway Even i found this information essential and it gives clear view about which payment method is secure.

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