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    Default What are difference between VPS and Dedicated server?

    Hello friends,

    What are difference between VPS and Dedicated server?

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    A VPS is a server that provides you with a specific space, bandwidth and memory to host anything online. Unlike VPS, a dedicated server offers more space, bandwidth and memory compared to VPS servers. They come with more security and a dedicated customer support.
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    The difference can be understood by the words "virtual" and "dedicated"

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    a vps server provide you host anything online by giving space bandwith and memory and compare to dedicated server. dedicated server give you anything more with more security.

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    The major difference between VPS and Dedicated Server is the control of the server. In Dedicated Servers, you have full control of the server and there won't be any conflict for the resources such as RAM, CPU, Disk Space and more.

    If you are enjoying millions of millions of traffic monthly, then going for Dedicated Servers will be best prospective.

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    Hi, that's a very good question.

    A Dedicated Server is a full server that is your 'own'; you share it with no other websites. You have the full hard drive, full use of RAM, full use of the processor. The whole gambit. If you could walk in to the data center where your account is, and look at the actual server, it would be your account only on that server. You have root access.

    A VPS is a Virtual Private Server. A VPS simulates having a dedicated server, but you are still sharing the server with other websites. You still have root access, but the actual hard drive in the server is split between several websites (clients). The benefit of root access is you have better control over your filesystem. Many programs will not run without root access. Some configurations/options can not be set up without root access. Shared Hosting companies are usually very strict about making such adjustments for clients. So a VPS would be a good fit for someone needing root access, but doesn't want to pay the full price for a dedicated server.

    A VPS differs from basic shared hosting in that with a VPS, you get root access to the file system and in shared hosting you do not.

    A VPS is cheaper than a dedicated server. Shared hosting is the cheapest of all, but offers the least amount of control and flexibility.

    Good luck!

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    Different webmaster using same server with different instances is known as VPS and same server for only one user is dedicated server hosting.

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    VPS is a part created from the dedicated server to run different instance for different work. One can run multiple vps on the same dedicated server as running a different computer. Whereas dedicated server can be use whole for work or you can create VPS through it.

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    waiting for the answer

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    I have read many blogs on VPS and Dedicated server.

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