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Thread: Dell vs Hp?

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    Default Dell vs Hp?

    which company laptop is better Dell or Hp?

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    Both are top of Brands. I would recommend Dell laptop due to its durability and reasonable cost.

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    It's lil bit difficult to tell which best as both have their own pros and cons. Like Dell has heating Problem but their Customer service is the best and on the other hand HP products are reliable but their customer support is not good. The Final decision would be yours. Cheers !

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    I have an HP laptop and thinking to buy a new laptop. I will buy an HP laptop because they are best laptop by look as well as performance.

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    Both are good but I recommended HP in Laptop and PC in Dell are best.

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    Dell i feel is much more reliable.

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    For me its dell.. go buy a dell..

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    I'm using HP's desktop computers and laptops for many years and I've found them much more reliable, durable and efficient than Dell. In all these years, HP systems never gave me any major problems. So I recommend use Hp.

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    According to my point of view, Dell company is the better than HP because I personally use both company’s laptops and I am very satisfied with Dell laptop cause I never face any single trouble using Dell vostro 5410.

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    Most of the customers face this dilemma when it comes to buying a computer. The following comparison should somewhat clear the confusion a bit for you –

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