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    Default Please review my site

    Hi please review my site and give me some valuable suggestions based on ON Page SEO techniques.

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    Your Website Speed is Very Slow So Work On it.

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    Your website's design is very good and I don't think your website is very slow. You can submit your website to some website review gallery site to get some high quality back links and visitors.

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    Very good attractive nice and good design...

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    It's so good. Can you tell me your theme you use in this wedsite ?

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    Nice design , but i noticediin the single property listing pages some elements are not in line, the site could use just a good old fashion look over with the eye and just fix up the little things like buttons and elements not in line. Apart from that looks really great

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    your website is very good in desing but slow in speed.

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    Design is fine, Speed is fine looks good, so overall it is a nice website.

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    Your website design is LeMeilleur(french word meaning the best) but there is slight prob i.e website loading speed. Rest good work

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