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    Day by day cloud hosting services become increasingly popular amongst entrepreneurs and small web-based sites. Although Cloud is passing through several concerns regarding privacy and security. For this a survey conducted and found that cloud providers are regularly enhancing to secure data protection. Due to continuous growing demand of cloud private services that acquiesce customers to specify privacy and data security scopes. When cloud goes offline or not working then you become completely helpless. Moving your business to cloud can prove devastating without any appropriate technical assistance.

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    Cheap is Expensive In The Long Run

    ​Hence go for dedicated server whenever possible.

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    Thank you for the information. However one should know what the want to do with cloud hosting and how it is going to be used for them.

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    Limited control and flexibility
    Cloud Computing platform dependencies
    Cloud Computing costs

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    Cloud computing makes your small company dependent on the reliability of your Online access. When it's off-line, you're off-line. If your websites is affected with frequent failures or slow rates of speed cloud processing may not be suitable for your company.

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    1. Dependent on the reliability of your internet connection

    2. Hacking of careless username/password security or your business data can be compromised.

    3. Inflexibility of some cloud apps

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    I think it has only two major disadvantages the first is Downtime server and the second is Limited control.

    But you know it is fully depend on hosting provider company but while server is down they have not control anything related that because they are also purchased server to any other company on lease and maintain everything and provide you directly hosting services so unfortunately it is costly but they are always maintain everything so you paid extra money for its maintenance.

    The SageNext provides cost effective and more reliable Cloud hosting services so you can get services from there you will be never unsatisfied from their services.

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    The six main disadvantages of Cloud Computing:

    • 1) Downtime.
    • 4) Limited control and flexibility.
    • 5) Cloud Computing platform dependencies.
    • 6) Cloud Computing costs.
    • Disadvantages of cloud computing: conclusion

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    As cloud service providers take care of a number of clients each day, they can become overwhelmed and may even come up against technical outages. This can lead to your business processes being temporarily suspended.

    Using cloud-powered technologies means you need to provide your service provider with access to important business data. Meanwhile, being a public service opens up cloud service providers to security challenges on a routine basis.

    Vendor Lock-In:
    Although cloud service providers promise that the cloud will be flexible to use and integrate, switching cloud services is something that hasn’t yet completely evolved. Organizations may find it difficult to migrate their services from one vendor to another.

    Limited Control:
    Since the cloud infrastructure is entirely owned, managed and monitored by the service provider, it transfers minimal control over to the customer. The customer can only control and manage the applications, data and services operated on top of that, not the backend infrastructure itself.

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    Disadvantages of cloud hosting includes

    1. Downtime
    2. Security and privacy
    3. vulnerability to attack
    4. Limited control and flexibility
    5. Cloud Computing platform dependencies
    6. Cloud Computing costs

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