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    cloud hosting limitations are listed below, problem
    2.No real support
    3.lesser services
    4.flexibility option
    5.possible downtime

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    low banwidth

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    Cloud computing makes your small business dependent on the reliability of your Online access. When it's off-line, you're off-line. If your websites is affected with frequent failures or slow rates of speed cloud processing may not be suitable for your company.

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    1. Possible downtime
    2. Security issues
    3. Cost
    4. Inflexibility
    5. Customer Support

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    It seems to be less secure
    It offers limited control and less flexibility

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    The six main disadvantages of Cloud Computing:

    • 1) Downtime.
    • 4) Limited control and flexibility.
    • 5) Cloud Computing platform dependencies.
    • 6) Cloud Computing costs.
    • Disadvantages of cloud computing: conclusion.

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    Cloud hossting is the good services for business works but only when then you are working in a small criteria but when you have needs a lot of space or a lot of hosting server then it will be create problem at that time you will have to get purchase a VPS server.

    It is provide a service in which you can work from anywhere anytime mean you can access your account from any system, by mistake if you save your password in another man system so they can use your account without any problem.

    It is working only by Login & Password so you have to follow the instruction of Cloud hosting provider company which is provide you information How to set your password which is unhackable.

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    5 Disadvantages of Cloud Computing:
    1. Cloud Computing Is Not the Solution for Everything
    2. Possible Downtime
    3. Security Issues
    4. Cost
    5. Inflexibility

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    I have faced several database and technical issues with cloud hosting

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    Like other Hosting services cloud hosting is also comes with some disadvantages, here we go with the most common disadvantages in cloud computing
    1. Cloud Computing Is Not the Solution for Everything
    2. Possible Downtime
    3. Security Issues
    4. Cost
    5. Inflexibility

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