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  1. Default How to Verify the paypal?

    How to Verify the Paypal account from India. Please guide me steps.


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    You can use VCC for verifying an account.

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    If 3D technology Debit Cards are not working then try to find some international prepaid card in visa/master , then easily you can get verified.

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    You need to be a PAN Card holder before applying on Paypal, Just enter the PAN card and Bank account no. in Paypal. You're done, follow the next steps

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    Login to your Paypal account and then follow the instruction.

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    you can see youtube vdo tutorial on it

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    You need to have PAN card and link your bank account to PayPal. PayPal will send 2 amounts to your bank account and will ask you to enter the amounts to verify your bank account later.
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    You can use a Indian bank account or a Credit card (also outside india). You can try ViaBuy or Payoneer card (should work).

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    I had got two small transactions something like 1.09 and 1.50 that were added to my bank account.

    I was asked to put these two amounts while doing verification. Before doing all of this you have to connect your bank account to the Paypal account.
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    First of all sign up for Paypal. Connect your Bank account to Paypal.

    Then the Bank will send two transactions of small amount. When you go to the verification steps. They will ask you for the two small amounts. Then if you enter the amounts then your account will be verified. There are many others steps that are involved in the verification.

    Your account will be called as verified only if you see it as 100% indication on the right hand side. You can also your debit/Credit cards in order to withdraw your money to your local bank.

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