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Thread: Google Sitemap

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    Default Google Sitemap


    I have used some online Google Sitemap Generator. But it doesn't worked well.

    You can download the free Google Sitemap generator

    This is free sitemap generator. I use this software and works fine for me.


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    Default Re: Google Sitemap

    ty for this generator i will try it

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    Default Re: Google Sitemap

    Thank you

    I tried one before on my previous site and it was okay but I till use this one for my current site. Thanks

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    Default Re: Google Sitemap

    Thanks a lot for sharing that. I am going to make a site map this afternoon for one of my sites I think.

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    Default Re: Google Sitemap

    would this help?

    Hope so

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    Have been searching half the net for something like this!
    Has been very useful!

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    I tryed some sitemap generator before but since I don't own a domain name, so I can't upload it to my server. I have only blogspot blogs and I use the feed as a sitemap in the Google Webmaster Console. I will try this software.

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    yoast seo for sitemap

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    very useful tool.
    Thanks for your sharing

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