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    What is Free Website Hosting?
    Free website hosting is a free non-paid web hosting service. There are many web hosts who provide subdomains to anyone who want to make website. Some of such popular free web hosts include Blogger and Wordpress.
    When you make your websites with these free website hosting services, your website gets such name as and If you want to get a website with a domain name that doesn’t include any external site’s name, you must buy domain and then get web hosting which is usually a paid service

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    Free web hosting, you never know when they cheat you. There is no guarantee when they going to shutdown. It is better to go with paid hosting services.

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    There is this single biggest advantage of free website hosting and that is- it comes free without any cost. Now if you are amazed at why these free web hosting companies let you make a website free of cost then you may rest assured that they do not make any loss in this business.

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    Host your website or blog for free with no limitations and they are quite safe and secure. Free web hosting helps you to create a free website, build your first blog, anything you want can be done free of charge. Free web hosting guarantee that you can keep your free hosting as long as you like. People say that it is often seen that the server crashes, but it is not the actual story. There is full control of the server resources.

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    Thehosting service that is non-paid is considered to be free web hostingservice. Some of the companies may not provide such servicesavailable for their users to use them because, they might think ofthat they are not getting any profit on selling their services atfree of cost.Someof the companies are delivering the services of domain names also atfree of cost which can easily be build up by the customers andcompanies and this will help the companies to make more clients forthe hosting services. The Free Web Hosting services are alsomore confined as compared to other web hosting services that areavailable at paid cost.

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    Free website hosting is a free non- paid web hosting service. The advantage of free web hosting service is their cost effectiveness. They require not any pay subscription and totally free of cost.

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    You get a server without paying anything. But I don't recommend you to host your website on any free host, because they offer the limited resource and zero support.

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    The advancement in the IT technology has enabled us to get our own website published, that too, free of cost. The advent of the free web hosting services and website builder has enabled us to design a new website within a very short time period. As a result, the free web hosting plans seem to be highly attractive and a very sleek option to publish websites. However, it has its own pros and cons which are not clearly visible in the attractive advertisements.Before analyzing the merits and demerits of free web hosting, let’s have a quick look over what the free web hosting really mean.

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    Free web hosting is for visitors and more members. Free web hosting provide alternate way to establish your websites. More people will be reached with free hosting services.

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    You can use it at free of cost can customize it
    but cannot do much changes on it
    cannot create the name u like
    ur name will be there with their domain name

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