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  1. Default What is free web hosting server and their benefits..?

    Hello everyone,

    I want to know that,What is free web hosting server and their benefits..?

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    Free web hosting is one which provides free hosting services without charging you anything. There are more disadvantages compared to any advantages of free web hosting. The main advantage is that it comes free of cost.
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    Free website hosting is ideal if your budget is small to non-existent. It can be the perfect thing for a personal web site. It can be a good choice for new webmasters who have simple website content and a very tight budget. A free website hosting provider charges nothing for their hosting services.

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    It does not cost you anything. There are not any monthly fees, and everything you want can be uploaded to your website.

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    Free website hosting sites are generally user-friendly. This can be a good website hosting option for newbies, who are still learning about all this.

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    Time is not money. A free hosting site, has no monthly fees like some of the best paid website hosting companies, so you do not have to feel you are not making good use of your money. It takes you a long time to learn.

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    Hi there,

    Well free hosting this concept depends on the hosting provider what he provides exactly free Domain or Space.
    If he provide Space free then there might he will create his own domain as subdmain.
    Clear the above points first and then book you hosting.


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    A free web hosting service is a web hosting service that is free, usually advertisement-supported. Free webhosting that does not make use of advertising also exists; these often come with some limits on usage, however.

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    The only advantage of such hosting service is their cost effectiveness. They are absolutely free of cost and require not any paid subscription. However, the exact plan and policy may vary from one hosting service provider to another. The website owner gets the free space on the server, free sub-domain name for accessing website and global reach over the World Wide Web. In reality, this advantage is covered by many other demerits of free hosting services which do not make it suitable for the commercial purposes.You may explore the best free hosting sites for detailed information and reviews.

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    the benefit you can get from free webhosting is you will not pay , and for the hoster the free advertising

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