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    Default Gold ring fell in the petrol tank and lost its shine

    Hi all,
    my gold ring fell in the petrol tank of my bike. Any how I managed to take it out. Now ring has lost its shine. I am afraid what to do.
    Please suggest me.

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    I would take it to a jeweler and get it cleaned, it may have just left a residue on the ring. If it happens to be white gold alot of times they are dipped in Rhodium (at least I believe thats what it is called) and it may be time to re-coat it. Last time I had my ring re-coated I spent about $50.
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    Thanks Srvify,

    Shall I go for re coating or get my ring replaced. Actually I bought it from San Francisco, and its quite far away.

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    thanks for the information

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    Sorry to hear.

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    ohhhh so sad

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    then sold your gold and buy new
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    it should not happen as gold generally does not react with any reagent

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    Jeweler can easily set it...

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    Hi, You should visit a goldsmith to get your ring shine again. He will mend it for you.

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