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    For building any website you need some best web hosting sites, there are sites available which are free as well as provide facility like drag and drop, in built template, functions and themes. The best free web hosting sites are: Web; wix; weebly; godaddy; squarespace; webs; fatcow; ipage

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    If you’re going to create a forum site at your own domain without any forced ads, you need a web host providing forum tools (phpbb or vbulletin).

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    You should not open multiple threads asking same question, or you will be banned as a spammer.

  5. Default is best for free web hosting providers

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    Few free web hosting sites,

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    1, FreeHosting EU
    3, 100 WebSpace

    Try these free web hosting site.

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    maybe web hosting this the best and free is wordpress

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    I see that there are many free hostings out there such as byethost, 000webhost, hostinger, awardspace, 5gbfree, etc...However, in my experience, I would like to suggest ByetHost is comparatively better than other free hostings in terms of cpu, speed, uptime, no ads and support.

    Good luck to you!

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    i think you should search on google, you will find many hosting providers for free.
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