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    Quote Originally Posted by sanamgupta View Post
    Benefits of Hosting:
    1. Worry-free uptime reliability
    2. Open source applications to customize your website
    3. Easy FTP access
    4. Use your oen domain name
    5. 24/7 support
    6. Ample disk space and storage
    7. Extensive programming language support
    8. Online storage & file sharing
    9. 1-click install wordpress 3.5.1 blog hosting
    10. Attract website visitors with online marketing
    11. Get email matched to your web address

    thanks for great info very help full to newbies

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    -Cost Efficiency
    -The Latest Technology, Automatically
    -Customer Support
    -Control of the data/content
    -Personalized email

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    Website hosting service is offered by a website hosting company, who basically allots some space and bandwidth to a user. There are several different types of website hosting that could be beneficial for you:

    Cost of hiring webmasters is eliminated
    Each Web Hosting package comes with plenty of disk space and bandwidth to accommodate your business needs. You can start small and scale up as needed.
    Customize your website using some of the most widely-adopted programming languages including PHP, ASP.NET, JSP, Ruby On Rails and many more.
    Online storage and file sharing with SpaceManager is the easiest way to create online workspaces, share documents, photos and files and collaborate with others securely.
    Get support for our services when you need it.

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    With hosting there are a lot of benefits like scalabilty, security, safety and so on..

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    What if your IT team could focus their expertise on building your business instead of maintaining your servers? What if you had a backup team of experts focused strictly on hosting, available to you 24-7-365, freeing you to pursue your mission critical projects instead of upgrading hardware, dealing with downtime or figuring out how to handle a sudden increase in traffic to your website?
    Working with a hosting provider can make these scenarios possible. The right partner can relieve you and your IT team from the time-consuming chores and challenges of web hosting. Every hour of every day, a hosting provider’s focus is solely on hosting, so yours doesn’t have to be.
    Hosting offers many benefits to companies of all sizes, from one-person shops to global conglomerates. It’s a cost-effective solution for those with mission-critical websites and applications that need 100% network uptime, support responsiveness, technical expertise and a secure, high-end infrastructure. Here are some considerations as you explore how outsourcing your hosting can benefit your company.

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    I guess the benefit of hosting is you might have a forum that builds a community to help others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by david_smith01 View Post
    -Cost Efficiency
    -The Latest Technology, Automatically
    -Customer Support
    -Control of the data/content
    -Personalized email
    Thanks for share great info btw we host our games server to use hosting service

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    hosting pls

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    If you want to run a website, you have to choose hosting. Without hosting it is not possible.

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    There are many web hosts and the average user would find it difficult to get an unbiased idea of the best place to host their site. Large hosting companies provide a cheap service, but the disadvantage is that the customer is lost in the crowd and no one is actually looking after their particular web site. This leads to poor reliability of service, and many times their servers are easily hacked so the customer ends up paying a great deal in the long run, while benefiting from lower costs in the short-term.

    2.Customer Support

    This is something that many newbies to web hosting do not give sufficient importance to. Most of the time things are fine. However, when something has gone wrong, and it definitely will, that is when expert support becomes crucial. Most large web hosting companies hire an overseas team that can only answer specific questions because the are given a frequently asked question and answer sheet. Anything that does not correspond to their Q&A answer sheets is beyond their ability to help with. That is why you will find only cut-and-paste answers to your questions. It is best likened to visiting a doctor when you are seriously ill. When you are fine, you don’t need a doctor, but when you are ill you really want the best doctor you can afford. Why go cheap or with a large company who is more hype than hyper and risk your online business?

    3.Control of the data/content

    A professional web hosting company gives its clients total access to what they post and what it looks like. This is different from any third-party service that offers web hosting for free. With free services, website owners can not control some aspects of their website. With pro hosting the website owner has no restrictions on the amount of data or the number of web pages that their website can have.

    4.Domain and email

    Webhosting companies provide their clients with at least one domain name, for use allowing a business or company to build a brand that is unique and permanent. Free webhosting accounts usually require users to use a subdomain that advertises the website of the free service, robbing the brand of much needed identity.


    A professionally hosted website allows the owner unrestricted access to design the website and its supporting technologies (such as server to server communication) without restrictions. This allows the owner both graphic design and infrastructure design creativity, and the owner can experiment with different layouts and use different platforms for their business.

    6. Space

    With the advent of cloud computing, professional web hosting services allow the users access to more storage space and dynamic bandwidth that is adjustable for growth in traffic – in real time. When using free services, such flexibility is not available and the user only gets a fixed amount of space and bandwidth for their installation.
    Managed Data Center and Cloud Hosting Services Provider

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