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    It may seem apparent, but guaranteeing you keep all application up up to now is crucial in maintaining your site protected.

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    you can use SSL Service., http=>https

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    If you want to protect your website follow the below five steps
    1.To prevent viruses being uploaded to your site
    2.To prevent Phishing emails being sent via your website
    3.To reassure your website visitors that your website is safe
    4.To get a better ranking in the search engines like Google
    5.To protect your business from getting hacked and to protect against losing data

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    It actually depends where you are hosting your website. If it is a web hosting, then keep your password secure and make sure that the company that you use have good security.

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    To keep our own web page protected, we do have our in-house designed VAPT device which tests whole web page and produce reviews and signals just in case any weeknesses discovered in the web page.

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    There are many ways to secure a website. Here I would like to share information about best practices on website security. Here are the some of the tips on how to secure website security:

    * Take Backups regularly
    * Never download premium plugins without paying anything
    * Keep your website updated
    * Use 2-factor authentication
    * Hide Admin Panel
    * Limit Login Attempts
    * Use security plugins
    * Go for HTTPS

    Hope it helps you.

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    The security is the critical importance for website. Many methods are available out there, personally, I tend to implement the following methods to improve server and website security.
    1. Access server with SSH keys
    With SSH, any authentication is completely encrypted including password authentication. Many SSH key algorithms are considered uncrackable by modern computing hardware simply, becuase an attacker have to run through too much possible matchs.
    2. Install SSL certificate
    SSL certificate is a standard technology for establishing a secure connection between browsers and servers and protecting from the hacker attack. So it is really needed by all websites. Install SSL certificate issued by Let’s encrypt which is free of charge.
    3. Set up the strong passwod for you website
    4. Install the security plugins
    Install the security plugin like Wordfence security which is WordPress firewall and security scanner.
    5. Create backups regularly.
    WPvivid Backup/Restore is a good free backup plugin. It allows you to create manual and automated backups and store them to cloud storage.
    6. Uninstall the infrequent-used plugin
    7. Update WordPress in time.
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    GSNI is the best Solarwinds service provider in all over Pakistan.Solarwinds Support in Islamabad

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    Without knowing the details, it's hard to answer what you should do. For example, doing PHP on the back end is diverse than using Perl or Python. A quick Google search returns a lot of various options.

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    Web application security is the process of securing confidential data stored online from unauthorized access and modification. This is accomplished by enforcing stringent policy measures. Security threats can compromise the data stored by an organization is hackers with malicious intentions try to gain access to sensitive information.

    The aim of Web application security is to identify the following:

    • Critical assets of the organization
    • Genuine users who may access the data
    • Level of access provided to each user
    • Various vulnerabilities that may exist in the application
    • Data criticality and risk analysis on data exposure
    • Appropriate remediation measures

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