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    Web hosting is like home of a website if you don't have web hosting you just have a name without home.

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    The need to choose Web Hosting Service is to make your online viewing by the people all across the world. Everyone is trending with online business and thus they need to build a website for their business. This becomes more important for the customers because, by their website, the public will come to know about their business support. However,their are many more reasons that clears the understanding of web hosting service selection.For making your website more scalable and reliable, the customers need to choose web hosting services.

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    High availability and scalability
    Secure your customers’ transactions
    Ease of shopping with cart
    Hosting experience with less technical know-how
    Multiple website management with single admin panel

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    Webhosting allows a site owner to upload or save the save coded files that create the essence of the website. Webhosting helps to create e-mail accounts on the same site that depicts professionalism to those who want to contact the owner.
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    Once you have an idea for a website, you want a full web hosting service that puts it on the Internet without delay. You don't want the trouble of organising your site with different companies and through different channels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sonamsharma View Post
    Hello Everyone,

    Please tell me, What is benefits of web hosting ..?
    1. Consistency
    2. Client Livelihood
    3. Design
    4. Domain & Email
    5. Space
    6. SEO Friendly Pages

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    There are a lot of benefits that you will get if you have the best web hosting. Some of them are:

    The cost of hiring webmasters is eliminated.
    If a site has images, videos, audio files etc the only way to ensure that customers can easily access the same is through use of website hosting services.
    It also allows you to create the databases which is simply indispensable for the online business owners.
    You will get a service that gives you email accounts, this is considered as an additional benefit.

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    Benefits of web hosting are given below:-
    1. Worry-free uptime Reliability
    2. Easy FTP Access
    3. Attract website visitors with online marketing
    4. Domain and Email
    5. Customer support

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    Professional web hosting allows businesses to benefit from technical support and better web security which are not available with free web hosting services.

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    Professional Web hosting allows businesses to benefit from technical support and better web security which are not available with freeweb hosting services.

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