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    The advantages of database is given below:

    1)Reduced data redundancy.
    2)Improved data security.
    3)Reduced data entry, storage, and retrieval cost.

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    Database is to store interrelated data it has following advantages-
    1- Control Data Redundancy- all the users use the same storage system.
    2- Maintain Consistency- data is edited once at the same place.
    3- Integrated Data- interrelated data
    4- Data Sharing - easy to share data to multiple users at a time from the same source
    5- Data Integrity- the data is change one place and updated at all places

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    Advantages of database management system. 2. Advantages of DatabaseManagement System: The DBMS has a number of advantages as compared to traditional computer file processing approach. ... In DBMS, the data redundancy can be controlled or reduced but is not removed completely.

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    The DBMS serves as the intermediary between the user and the database. The database structure itself is stored as a collection of files, and the only way to access the data in those files is through the DBMS. The DBMS receives all application requests and translates them into the complex operations required to fulfill those requests.

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    DBMS has a lot of advantages compared to data stored in random stacks and arrays. When it comes to store large amounts of data stacks and arrays can give nightmares. Here DBMS comes to rescue. It helps in maintaining and updating of data in much easier way when compared to usual methods.

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    1. Improved data sharing.
    2. Improved data security.
    3. Better data integration.
    4. Minimized data inconsistency.
    5. Improved data access.
    6.Improved decision making.
    7.Increased end-user productivity.

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