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    database is to store your website data!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ziya.pathan View Post
    • Reduced data redundancy
    • Reduced updating errors and increased consistency
    • Greater data integrity and independence from applications programs
    • Improved data access to users through use of host and query languages
    • Improved data security
    • Reduced data entry, storage, and retrieval costs
    • Facilitated development of new applications program
    Perfect points for database advantages.

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    Databases store information in electronic records that may be searched

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    1.Easy to access data through query
    2.Reduced data entry and storage
    3.improved data security
    4.Data updating errors are reduced

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    Compared to what? A file system? A DBMS is designed to store a lot of data and to be able to retrieve that data in different formats quickly and efficiently. To do this by yourself with b-trees is difficult and if you have to relate this data together, then it makes sense just to use a DBMS.

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    Advantages of the DBMS: The DBMS serves as the intermediary between the user and the database. The database structure itself is stored as a collection of files, and the only way to access the data in those files is through the DBMS

    Thank you~!

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    Really simple.It helps in management of data.Store and access data, search data with ease

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