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    Default What are the advantages of a database?

    What are the advantages of a database?

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    The DBMS serves as the intermediary between the user and the database. The database structure itself is stored as a collection of files, and the only way to access the data in those files is through the DBMS. The DBMS receives all application requests and translates them into the complex operations required to fulfill those requests. The DBMS hides much of the database’s internal complexity from the application programs and users.

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    A collection of files results to a database ... or one can say a platform for storing your data & necessary files..
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    the advantage that I see of Database is that it store all of website data which is related to content. You can rebuild your website with a data base

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    Because of database we get the following adavantages

    Data consistency
    Data Sharing
    Controlled Data Redudency

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    Database security involves the methods of security for databases. The main advantage of this include protecting the system from outside threats.

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    Database is the storage medium used to protect your data.

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    Database is used for store, modify and extract information.

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    1. Database is use to store huge collection of data in forms of tables.
    2. Data Security.
    and much more you can check it online also you will find more references .

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    • Reduced data redundancy
    • Reduced updating errors and increased consistency
    • Greater data integrity and independence from applications programs
    • Improved data access to users through use of host and query languages
    • Improved data security
    • Reduced data entry, storage, and retrieval costs
    • Facilitated development of new applications program

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