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    The best software for garphic design are
    Serif DrawPlus
    CorelDraw Home & Student Suite
    Corel PaintShop Pro
    Adobe Photoshop Elements

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    PS6, Adobe Illustrator is best choice !
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    Photoshop is the master

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    Photoshop,Adobe illustrator are the best for graphic design.

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    Đối với mảng 2ngày được thiết kế cho quảng cáo sử dụng phần mềm : Adobe Illustrator, Corel draw, Adobe photoshop

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    Adobe illustrator is good but one more i would suggest you Photoviewerpro software make easy your editing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by minhazuddin484 View Post
    I'm new in graphics design. Tell me what is the best graphics design software?
    Graphic Design is wide term which includes two main components; i.e. Vector Graphics and Raster graphics.
    Vector graphic is scalable graphics format which can be used for various applications like icons, interfaces, posters, stall / books / leaflets / brochure / print design while Raster graphics is image files like BMP/PNG/JPEG. But those are not scalable and are made of Pixels.

    In current market there are various tools are available. Most popular tools are –
    1) Adobe Photoshop- which is mainly used for Image Editing and finishing
    2) Adobe Illustrator – used for creation of Vector graphics, Logos, Interfaces, Illustrations
    3) Adobe Indesign – Mainly used in page layouts and newspapers
    4) CorelDraw – Very popular program in printing industry which is widely used for creation of vector graphics

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    Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator are the best software for graphic design.

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    Illustrator and Photoshop... Most widely used and most documented. The advantage of these two is that they have a large community and if you don't know something someone will help you.

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