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    Default Which is the best laptop brand?

    I want to brought a new laptop. So I want to know which is the best laptop brand.

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    dell if you work more than 6 hour on system. its my experience.

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    I will suggest HP, their laptops are the best.

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    for me it's dell. reason larger battry life and handy to use.

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    I personally used HP's PCs and laptops and I found them much better than Dell's. I'm currently using HP's elitebook and HP's desktop computer and they're both amazing.

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    All are best but Dell customer support is best in the market. So if you are able to pay enough then just go for dell.

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    I personally used Dell laptops which offer many greatest features and long battery life. Since last four years, I have not faced any problem with my laptop.

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    Toshiba is better brand to use.

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    I think Dell is the best brand.

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    I prefer to use the HP brand.

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