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    I think that now it worth to check if the company belongs to EIG or not. That does influence on service quality. I'm with Hostingsource - they are not EIG based one.

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    Brief about your requirement for that i can suggest you better, D.O is ok, but also you check some other hosting provider like leasedlayer, spicyhost, compare hardware setup and prices, and select better one.

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    I prefer using D.O or Vultr, I have use Vultr and their uptime very good, my website working perfectly with Vultr.
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    I think Digital Ocean is pick of the lot as I have read several positive reviews about them. Though do your research before getting one.

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    That's a useful info, thanks.

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    I know offer nice vps hosting deals at good rates.

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    digital ocean and are good.
    If you are looking for Asia Server, go to

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    Dont know about digialocean never had dealings with them but i can tell you linode is very good.

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    Both are considered as the reliable provider. I would suggest going with the provider that has a data-center nearest to your targeted audience.

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    This page gives you a lot of information. Thank you!

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