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  1. Default How to choose a good domain

    I am thinking to buy some domains for our company. but when i search in I see many domains I like another people bought them. so How to I choose a good domain ? please show me.

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    You can choose good domain names from various domain registrars available. Some good names are:
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    Thanks rh-calvin.

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    In the past 12 months or so the domain market saw hundreds of new TLD's being released. While I still personally like TLD's like .com and it may be worth worth looking into the TLD's that suit your business sector. Maybe Vietnam .Travel or .Vacation

    If you still can't find the domain you are looking for or run out of ideas, search Google for 'Domain Spinners' ... These site allow you to chose which TLDs you are looking for along with your keyword and then you can list some prefixes and suffixes and it will combine various words and check the availability.

    Hope that helps

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    Thanks mr kathyrose and mr WiziHost. in the past I bought many domains with hyphens and numbers. however, after few years, I feel it is not good for SEO and remember, so I canceled them. Besides, I like some domain such as Vietnam.Travel, Vietnam.Vacation, ... but I search they are not avalaible, they bought buy another person.

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    you can get some domain name ideas from namestation etc...

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    try to search for the startup and domain search website. These gives more insightful ideas to develop a new branded based domain.

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    Thanks makably & abbytax. I will try to search some good domain with some website such as, ...

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    use bus a name to try different option and get more ideas

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