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    Default What is multi-currency payment processing?


    Please help me to know that what is multi-currency payment processing?
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    Merchants in the United States and Canada can accept international credit cards in over 150 different global currencies through our international payment solutions. Through this method of payment processing, businesses can reduce their worries of currency exchange rates while merchants obtain peace-of-mind knowing precisely what amount will be authorized at the time of purchase.

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    Please help me to know that what is multi-currency payment processing?
    moneybookers and ok pay has multiple option according to you demands

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    multi-currency process solutions area unit designed for a range of payment environments, from customer-facing terminals to totally integrated front-desk systems on-line. Plus, our subtle on-line reportage permits business views across any cross-sectional of properties on a rustic, regional or pan-regional basis, in any currency. Learn additional regarding that multi-currency answer is correct for your desires

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    moneybookers and ok pay has multiple option according to you demands
    i agree with u

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    Payment Express supports a number of currencies, which can be used with all our components / interfaces.

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    Multicurrency processing is fully integrated into PeopleSoft Receivables. It supports the common currency of the European Union (the euro), as well as currency conversions, remeasurement, revaluation and translation. It also provides a complete audit trail of all multicurrency processing.
    This section discusses:

    • Types of currency
    • Currency calculati
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    Accept Online Payments in foreign currency.

    The behind-the-scenes process is simple and does not
    interrupt any existing payment acceptance processes
    you have in place. All you have to do is determine
    which currencies you wish to sell your products in and
    then enhance your web sites to market to international
    clientele. You may choose to have multiple country web
    sites, each accepting payments in the local currency, or
    choose a single web site and offer shoppers a choice of
    payment currencies.

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    Multi-currency payment processing is the easiest way to increase sales from international buyers. With a multi-currency merchant account, you display prices in the same currency as where the buyer is located.

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    Multi currency processing is able to handle your foreign currency to your account and also your home currency too.

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