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    Shared hosting is not bad.Actually it is beneficial and cheap also.It is good to use and interesting too.

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    At times low budget can harm the quality of the web hosting and the loading speed of the website is at stake.

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    Shared hosting is bad for that website having many vistors and having many confidental data which was kept in server

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    1. The most important disadvantage of a shared Web Hosting plan is the security issues that a server faces. Hacking attacks are very common on shared servers. Also due to the malicious activities which a shared hosting plan can suffer, the whole network of the Websites that are using that particular server can get affected.

    2. The functioning of the Website may be slow as the resources of the single server are being shared by many Websites.

    3. The same CPU is being used by everybody who is on the same network. This may often result in the manifestation of the resource limitation which includes the disk space, memory, etc.

    4. The Shared Web Hosting plans normally have lesser features than a dedicated plan.

    5. There are many limitations in the applications and the software choice. You will have to use the software and the applications provided by the provider.

    6. The customer support will be inferior compared to the dedicated plans.

    7. The availability of some ports as well as the connections may get limited due to security reasons.
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    I think shared hosting is a good idea when you have a low budget

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    Shared web hosting may be cheap and may sound good for your business website but in reality it isn’t. The shared hosting providers oversell their web hosting subscriptions using promotional coupons and offers. While surfing the internet you might have seen ads such as, “Host your Website 70% Off, Free Domain, Unlimited Disk Usage, Bandwidth etc.” It’s a scam, don’t fall for it.
    The price seems very tempting 70% discount with free domain or $60 an year? No way!
    1. 70% off may be true for first month or year. Then the recurring subscription charges will be double or tripled of initial amount. Remember, they save your credit card information for automatic renewal.
    2. Free Domain? The normal .com domain registration costs about $10 with free whois lookup privacy. Now, when you go through signup process of shared web hosting, the charge 10$ for whois privacy protection. So the domain was never free.
    3. Unlimited Bandwidth/Domains/Disk usage?
    Hosting a website domain on a server requires bandwidth, storage , processing power (CPU/Ram/HDD) . The providers use the word unlimited to attract the customers but its actually limited. If you go through the terms and services of any shared web host, you’ll find FAIR USAGE POLICY (FUP) that mentions certain CPU usage, Domains, disk storage can’t be used for file mirrors including the other limits. Not following the FUP will lead to suspension of your hosting account blah blah. Also, if you host a dozen domains, any website with at least 100 users active or a discussion portal (forums script). Your account will be in danger. Remember! Nothing is unlimited.
    Since the shared web hosting is distributed between multiple users. If one user on a server runs a CPU intensive script, the websites of other users will suffocate or suffer downtime which is very common. On the other hand, the shared web servers are over flooded with hundreds of domains/requests. A single website takes average 10 seconds to load which is a huge disadvatange if you are competing your rival website or trying to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to your site. The technical support of shared hosting are unreliable as well. It takes more than 12 hours for a CSR to reply to a single support ticket. It can take days for a severe issue to resolve.
    Final Verdict:
    Every kind of web hosting has its perks, ups and downs. Shared hosting can be good for a small website/blog for a professor/teacher with small readership, where he can share his views, notes and presentations to his students. If you are aiming to host a business website or a discussion forum, a file mirror or something that has more than 100 active users at a time. I advise you not to go for shared hosting. Go for a small dedicated server, if that’s not possible go for a VPS.

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    Shared hosting is shared with hundred or thousand other users which is not at all good business.
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