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  1. Default What is User Friendly Website?

    Hello Friends,

    Please Tell me what is user friendly website.

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    A user friendly website which is easy to load, easy to navigate, use alt tags for all images, avoid using frames, mobile compatible with good user interaction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stuartspindlow View Post
    Hello Friends,

    Please Tell me what is user friendly website.
    You might want to check this out..

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    A user friendly website refers to a website with good content and easy navigation. It helps your visitors to easily find what they are looking for on your website.
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    To get more attention from users/visitors your website must be easy to Navigate, so that they would reach at exact results in minimum time/clicks that they are looking for. So if your website is well managed from users view, then your website is User Friendly Website.

    User Friendly website:

    1. Easy to Navigate
    2. Readable Font/Content
    3. Responsive Design
    4. Fast Loading Time

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    A website which can easily fits on mobile phones and tablets and having easy navigation with simple understandably texts then that website is known as user friendly or mobile friendly website.
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    A website is a user friendly website it can easily fit to any screen and easy to access and it the website must be responsive . The content should be unique and must take less loading time so that you can have more audience to your website.

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    A website needs three things to work, a domain, a hosting service and the website itself. Now, to build the website, If you want to do more work yourself you can use a building software like dreamweaver or aptana studio. But if you're in a hurry and don't have a need to learn more stuff, try a Content Mangement System like Joomla or Wordpress. These systems produce dynamic websites with additional features and security.

    Hope this helps.

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    The website which is user friendly must be compatible according to size and shape of gadget .It should contain sharable content.It should be non violent or related to discrimination and easy to use too.

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    MEans it has a user friendly interface

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