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    Virtual Private Hosting (VPS) is like living in a townhome vs living in an apartment. It is probably the most popular service to upgrade to and it can be the most well-balanced one as well.

    A VPS server, though bigger, is still a shared environment, but the way it is shared is very different. There are fewer residents (websites) on the property. It gives you more control than a shared hosting account. With this, you have control over nearly everything that is happening within your walls. It is also a lot more flexible than shared hosting. This makes handling lot of traffic on your website much easy.
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    Full control if provided root access. You can do whatever the hell you wants to, that's all folks!

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    VPS hosting offers better performance as compare to shared as resources are somewhat assigned to your website only. In VPS too, many sites can share the same server but they can not exceed the resource consumption more than they are assigned to. Also security is better. VPS does not offer complete access to your server and you are limited to utilities provided by the provider. As compare to dedicated server, control over your server is less.

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    Virtual Private Servers (VPS) offer a virtualized, cost-effective alternative to dedicated servers. They function like a physical server, but run on a flexible virtualization layer. Our Virtual Servers suit small to medium workloads. They include a free firewall, offer many options for the Linux operating system, bandwidth and contract agreements, and can be managed via our customer portal

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    I generally search for a couple of things:
    1. Dependability
    2. Support/Knowledge
    3. Cost
    As the others have stated, you get what you pay for truly.

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    PS stands for “Virtual Private Server,” but before delving into that term, it’s important to understand the basics of what is known as a “virtual server.” Simply put, a virtual server is just like the server your Web host uses locally, but it’s located somewhere else. Data is stored on a virtual server in the form of a virtual machine (VM), and this VM works just like the server you may have located down the hall. Conceptually, all that has changed with a VM is its location.

    There are several reasons for choosing VPS hosting, based on its benefits:

    Zero Maintenance: You no longer have to maintain your server; the owner of the virtual server will be responsible for that.

    Multiple VMs: These virtual servers can be “carved up” into more than one virtual machine, meaning that you can have multiple VMs on a single server or share your server with the data from other companies.

    Stability: Unlike shared hosting, the traffic and activities of other VPS customers will not adversely affect your operation.

    Performance: Having your own allotment of resources allows you and your visitors to enjoy faster load times.

    Dedicated Resources: VPS hosting provides you with more disk space, CPU and RAM.

    Flexibility: You have the freedom to choose the operating system and software you want to install on the server.

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    As your website’s needs and traffic levels grow, you’ll want to move from shared hosting to a plan that offers more resources and features. You may even be looking for a plan that provides greater control over the hosting environment. In this scenario, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is likely your best bet.

    In a nutshell, VPS hosting is a type of plan that gives you your own private (virtual) server. This means you don’t share resources with other users. It’s also highly scalable, since you can change your resource allocation at any time. VPS hosting works much like having your own dedicated server, but it requires less technical expertise and is significantly cheaper.

    In this guide, we’ll explain what VPS hosting is and how it works. Then we’ll explore its pros and cons, and discuss who should opt for this type of hosting plan. Let’s get started!

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    You could be opting to choose VPS for the privacy and security it delivers that is almost similar to a dedicated server at a lower price.

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