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    Virtual Private Hosting (VPS) is like living in a townhome vs living in an apartment. It is probably the most popular service to upgrade to and it can be the most well-balanced one as well.

    A VPS server, though bigger, is still a shared environment, but the way it is shared is very different. There are fewer residents (websites) on the property. It gives you more control than a shared hosting account. With this, you have control over nearly everything that is happening within your walls. It is also a lot more flexible than shared hosting. This makes handling lot of traffic on your website much easy.
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    Full control if provided root access. You can do whatever the hell you wants to, that's all folks!

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    VPS hosting offers better performance as compare to shared as resources are somewhat assigned to your website only. In VPS too, many sites can share the same server but they can not exceed the resource consumption more than they are assigned to. Also security is better. VPS does not offer complete access to your server and you are limited to utilities provided by the provider. As compare to dedicated server, control over your server is less.

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