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    Default honeymoon place?

    What is your favorite honeymoon destination place?

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    In Asia: My favorite romantic destinations are Thailand, Malaysia and Maldives
    In Europe: Switzerland, Spain, France and Cyprus
    So you should choose in between them, but my personal suggestion is that you should choose Switzerland which is the heaven in the world.

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    In Tamilnadu Moonar is the best honeymoon place.

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    Hawaii, Alaska or the Bahamas.

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    Bali in the best island island destination

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    Some of the best honeymoon destination are Bali, Malaysia, Maldives, Dubai, Thailand.

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    In Kerala, Munnar is the place for honeymoon.

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    Top 3 beautiful honeymoon destinations in India

    Udaipur, Andaman and Coorg

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    If i am talking about India so Goa and Kerala is best place for Honeymoon.

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    Well, I like Bali. It is a best destination for honeymoon, My sister has recently enjoyed a tour of there with her hubby and it was fabulous for both of them. Bali is famous due to its resorts and couple attractions. It is also a beautiful area due to its breathtaking sightseeing.

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