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    How to make a professional e-commerce website layout? Please suggest me tips

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    E-commerce website should be built with attractive content and products displaying on the homepage. It should also have easy navigation and can be reached to the various product pages at a single click from the homepage. This makes a website more popular and user friendly. A responsive design is another good example to deal with more traffic and gaining popularity.
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    First of all find a good templates and analise what are the requirements etc...
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    Firslty Proper analysis of requirements, choose good template, make user-friendly website

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    Yes i am agreed with prachi123, understands the requirement according to that choose any template or use any CMS.


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    You can use Magento platform to create the e-commerce website and then use Magento extensions for making it better and attractive

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    You can use WordPress platform to design the e-commerce website.
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    Use wordpress !! There are plenty of ecommerce themes for wordpress (NOT FOR FREE).

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    Thank you for your valuable information about e-commerce website layout keep sharing the valuable information like this..

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