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    Default What is the types of web hosting.?

    Hello everyone,
    Can anyone tell me about the web hosting & its types.?

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    Web hosting is a service to host your website online and create an online presence for your website and business. There are various types of web hosting. Some a listed below:

    VPS hosting
    Dedicated hosting
    Shared hosting
    Reseller hosting
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    There are mainly four types of hosting in the whole internet marketplace and they are VPS Hosting, Dedicated hosting, Shared Hosting and Reseller hosting even you will be heared this type of hosting like Budget hosting, Premium hosting, cloud hosting etc etc.

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    There is also managed hosting, such as managed WordPress, Joomla or other CMS - plus managed VPS's and managed Dedicated servers.

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    It turns out that provides a fabulous website hosting service! They have made it possible for me to run our two websites: one for myself as an artist and the other for my partner who is a musician without having to know a thing about how the world wide web actually works!

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    The main types of hosting are two : Windows and Linux ( depends on the website requirements ). After that they are :
    VPS hosting
    Dedicated hosting
    Shared hosting
    Reseller hosting
    And all depends on how big is the website. What kind of website is yours ?

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    There are various types of web hosting services available to host your website. Before signing up for web hosting services, it is important to understand what kind of service your website needs, the kind of server you or your business needs, your budget, and what type of services the web host offers.
    Hosting options available are:

    • Free Hosting
    • Shared Hosting
    • Dedicated Hosting
    • Collocated Hosting
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    Congratulations! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this exciting information..

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    Default Hosting

    If you want to make any website then you have to take first, domain name and for that also you have to take hosting for an online existence of your website.


    Free Hosting
    Virtual Hosting
    Dedicated Hosting
    Collocated Hosting
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    There are many different types of web hosting plans, including: Shared hosting - Usually recommended for new websites, as it's the most economical way to start a website. Your site is placed on a server with other websites to share the resources. VPS hosting - Recommended for more advanced users, and those needing to install specific packages or software not provided by shared hosting. Your website is placed on a server with other websites, like shared hosting, but usually there's less websites per server. Also includes root or admin access to its own operating system installation in a virtualized environment. Dedicated servers - When you get a dedicated server, your website(s) get access to the full server, since it's not shared with any other users. Also includes full root or admin access like a VPS. This is the recommended route for websites with lots of visitors (traffic) or custom requirements not available in a shared hosting environment. Reseller hosting - This service is geared for webmasters, or others, who want to resell their own web hosting service. It's also a good option for those with multiple websites, as it makes it easier to manage many websites under one control panel.

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