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    For gaming and official rough use and all you need desktop computers with parts assembled ..That will be the best i think so..

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    For ruff and tuff uses the computer is best.

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    Depends on what computing needs are and also your budget. Also do you travel allot or are you at home most of the time.

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    In my opinion, the PC is still the best. Think of all the features that PC can bring back to you : Never run out of battery, Great for optimizing, Easy to update hardware and great for super heavy programs

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    I personally prefer to use latop at home, couz i dont need to play games.

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    For home use, a desktop is the best option. Don't look for others.

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    Desktop computer is best for home as it helps in multi tasking and is useful for heavy duty tasks. And Also desktop is best for home use because of the environment of home is used by many people

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    Yes, it's really good for home. You can watch movies, run games, do your work and absolutely everything. But, there's a cons, you need to sit in one single place in order to access your laptop. There's no portability.

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