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    As we all working on .com and many other since very long time. So the new domain extension took some time to become popular. That is same happening for the .xyz domain. But it is good foe seo purpose and any can work on that.

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    I think .xyz domains like .com, .info, .biz, ... if properly seo can still rank well

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    If you can seo then every domain will give same response.

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    .xyz domain is good for SEO but we can not create back link everywhere

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    .xyz or .com, or anthing else is also good for SEO, don't care about this

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    .xyz .......Seo .xyz still helpful, if you really do well.

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    My suggestion is .com and .org and .in are best domain extention for seo ..

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    i don't think so

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    I prefer to create link by selecting the .com site having good DA and PA.

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    what is xyz Domain ? Can you explain for me?

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