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    When I got admitted into college my father gift me a (samsung e250-slide) mobile. it was good but I sold it and bought Nokia-1680. both are good and their service is very strong. Now I have been using symphony w16 for five years.

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    I would like to prefer Vivo instead of Gionee.

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    Vivo is one of the best mobile phone designer in current market. So I would prefer Vivo.

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    according to me MI or Moto both are best

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    Every phone has some bad and good things. Lots of phones available in the market and it is very difficult to find which phone is the best and how can select suitable phone within budget. So I am only recommended Technical Guruji Youtuber. This person has great knowledge of technical, especially about the phone. Before buying the phone, please watch & consult with Technical Guruji.

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