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Thread: types of server

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    Server Types

    1.Mail Server
    2.Proxy Server
    3.Server Platforms
    4.Web Server

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    There are 6 types of servers

    1. File Server
    2. Print Server
    3. Communications Server
    4. Applications Server
    5. Database Server
    6. Domain Server

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    Types of Server are given below:
    1. File Server
    2. Database server
    3. Transaction server
    4. Mail server
    5. Proxy server

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    Mail Server
    Server Platforms
    Web Server
    Application Server
    Real-Time Communication Server
    FTP Server
    Collaboration Server
    List Server
    Telnet Server
    Open Source Server
    Virtual Server

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    In java, we say either web server or application server.
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    There are many types of server
    Web Server
    Mail Server
    Proxy Server
    Collaboration Server
    Application Server
    Real-Time Communication Server
    FTP Server

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    1)Application server
    2)Database server
    3)Mail server
    4)Ftp server

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