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    which is best i3 processor and i5 processor?
    i think i3 is best then i5...........because i have sony i5 laptop.....but its performance not good.........

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    Its depending what you want your laptop for, a lot of them i5's in laptops are only dual core. I would need to know what model you have and then I could look at some bench marks for that cpu. Their are so many variation of the i5 and i3 but the bigger the number the better the cpu should be. So i5 should be better than i3 and then it depends on what generation it is. This can get very complex. There are so many factors to a computer running faster than each other. Motherboard ram, gpu. If you want the computer for just browsing the internet and basic stuff them £350 should cover it, but if you want it for gaming then £650 would be better. I know my stuff around computers but it hard to help you unless I have some specs.
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    According to me, i5 is better than i3 processor.

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    It depends as per your use of the computer for which purpose you are going to assemble the i3 or i5

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    I will suggest for i5 processor.

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    Hello Friends,
    I think i5 is better than i3.It my personal experience..

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    an Intel Core i3 processor is perfectly powerful

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