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    Default How to create free blog

    Please help me anyone how to create a free blog on WordPress and set up a paid domain.

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    Wordpress is an option place to create free blog, you just to visit Wordpress website and sign up there and than you can enjoy the free blogging

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    Free blogs can be created by the help of various Web2.0 services. They are used to promote articles, share images and build backlinks for your website.
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    Custom domain setup on is very good choice. but the admin have limited control on the WordPress free hosting. Try to use Self hosted WordPress services. To get better hosting at cheap cost use this

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    Why dont you go for, as it is free and easy to manage. As it is Google's product, so it will indexes and gives priority than other third party products.

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    Platform like or provides free chance to create some blogs. But from my point of view, these type of platform is not suitable.

    These web 2.0 sites are comes with domain difficulty. Like - you can not have your own domain - like etc.

    But hey, it is totally up to you. If you want it, go for it. good luck..

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    Blogger is an option place to create free blog, you just to visit Wordpress website and sign up there and than you can enjoy the free blogging

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    Awesome post sir, Now we can create a blog in 5 minutes and earn lots of money with it. You made it really easy to understand. So I just wanna say thanks to you for this one.
    Thank you…

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    There are different platform which is use to make a Blog free cost. WordPress, Blogspot, Weekly etc..

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