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  1. Default which system are better for office work

    which system are better for office work

    Desktop or Leptop

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    I would say Desktop is good for office work. But, you need to have a laptop as well. The reason, you go outside for any client meeting. You need to carry your laptop and work at your client place.

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    I think laptops are best for office work.

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    In my point of view Desktop is best for office work because Laptop not provide best speed.

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    The choice depends on the use of machine, it means if you want to relocate it or carry it you should choose laptop. otherwise desktop will be a better choice.

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    For office work I will prefer for Desktop computers only

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    Hello Friends,
    Desktop is useful for office purpose you can eaisly work with desktop computers.

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    I prefer to use Desktop in Office.

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    Latest Version of MS Office 2016.

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