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    I would say desktop is the best but if you want to work from home then i would prefer laptop.

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    According to me desktop is best for office use, because laptop doesn’t provide the best speed accordingly desktop

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    Laptop and Desktop both are best for office work. But I would like to prefer Desktop computer for office work.

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    It's totally depends upon the work burden. Means if you have speed work then i would like to suggest you desktop otherwise Laptop is good.

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    Actually it depends which type of work you want to do. If your work is like stock exchange or like email marketing then laptop can handle this. But if your work is like graphic design or making any animation work then desktop will be vice. Now choice is yours.

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    Desktop is more faster and durable than laptop so i go for desktop but laptop is more mobile and portable

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    Desktop system are always better for office use.Desktop are strong enough to work. its hard and sturdy...

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    Laptop and Desktop both are good but which to use is depends on your requirement and purpose.

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