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    Default Peoples Cheat in Market?

    Some One deal with me in 70$ for home page link on my sports website,After complete his requirement he said to me now my company not accepting 70$ i will pay 50$ me again agreed with him than he said in next 24 to 72 hours you will get your money but now spend 156 days more not get any thing ,He is From India but why peoples done these things in market?

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    Become a specialist or floor trader on the stock exchange. Read Richard Ney's books - he explains how the large traders and specialists cheat the stock market every day.

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    This is so bad.. People should be really careful with such deals...

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    That's why i don't like online jobs or work because most people don't keep their promises and not go in professional way.

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    Last month, one guy cheated me. He told me to sell Amazon gift voucher at 50% less price. I send full money to them but he never replied. He removed his FB account, so now not able to even contact him :-(

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    Some People cheating in Marketting site.Be careful

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    really sad to hear this

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    This is not a business trick, don't leave such kind of people. please share the details of them and safe other peoples money

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