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    Thumbs up How do routers forward packets to the internet.

    When a packet reaches a router, the destination IP address in the IP packet is looked into and the corresponding network address is looked into the routing table. Typically, packets which are bound to the internet have varying destination IP address, which would not be available or know before. Due to this routers are configured with a default route, to forward packets with unknown destination addresses. All packets, bound to the internet would use the default route and would be forwarded to the IP address to which the default route points to, typically the gateway of the internet router.
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    When the packet goes out from your internal machine, the source address is rewritten as you are aware. The source port is also changed, usually to a high number, and the router keeps an address translation table.

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    . Make sure your Computer or Device has a decent firewall

    Most computers these days have an intergrated firewall built in to the operating system. Windows has the imaginatively titled “Windows Firewall” and Mac OS X has an intergrated one too (see here for more information on how to enable the Mac OS X firewall in Snow Leopard). For Linux, it depends on your flavour, but this article from Tech Radar gives a list of decent firewalls you could consider

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    If different computers with local addresses lets say (192.168.0.#) connected to router when each computer requests a page over HTTP through web browser, these TCP:80 packets are sent out router switches local address with static IP of router. So server reply to appropriate address.

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    The Router is a internet connect to multiple devices that forwards data packets between computer networks. Routers perform the action traffic directing functions on the Internet. A data packet is typically forwarded from one router to another router through the networks that constitute an internet work until it reaches its target node.
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