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    Default What is the database ?


    What is the database ?

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    Data base is the storage of relevant information from a vast collection of information.

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    a structured set of data held in a computer, especially one that is accessible in various ways.
    "a database covering nine million workers"
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    A database is a structured, organized set of data. In computing terminology a database refers to a software used to store and organize data.

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    database is a collection of table which contain informative data. this data is used for search operations, info. generation.
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    Database is a collection of sorting data in a structure(in the form of Rows and Columns), which can be retrieve by user in future, by using SQL queries.

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    Database is a set of data or collection of the information store in file structure. Database used for security and data storage.

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    Database is collection of raw data in tabular way so that using querry we can fetch information from them.

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    When we organized our data in a proper structure and in a well organized format, then it refer as Database.

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    Database is a table format for storing is used to retrive data easily

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